Morphe Brushes – Elite Collection Limited Edition Brushes

Review Almost everywhere you look online, blogs and YouTubers, everyone’s talking about Morphe Brushes. Morphe Brushes is a California based makeup brush brand, which also offer makeup products at very affordable prices. I’ve heard a mixture of positive and negative reviews with regards to Morphe’s actual Brushes. The positive reviews seem to come from their Elite (Limited Read more about Morphe Brushes – Elite Collection Limited Edition Brushes[…]

Love & Hate Tag

The Lovely Blogger Tiffany May Tagged me for a Love, Hate Tag, with this tag you list 10 things which you love and 10 things which you hate, then Tag 10 other bloggers to complete the tag. So here it goes! Love 1. Love Love Love my Family ~ My Family are my World, my Read more about Love & Hate Tag[…]

Liebester Award

The Lovely Blogger Lenka, nominated me for a Liebester Award. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to her, and if you’re not familiar with her blog please go and check out her site she has a fantastic blog ~ So the rules with this award: – Firstly you thank the blogger Read more about Liebester Award[…]

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