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        DIAL EXTENSION 5000

        (Do NOT use 911)

        FROM OFF CAMPUS, DIAL 626-395-5000


        1. Type of emergency (fire, explosion, radiation hazard, medical, etc.).
        2. Location of emergency—NAME OF BUILDING IS VERY IMPORTANT.
        3. Your name and location.
        4. Extension from which you are calling.
        5. Type of assistance required (ambulance, fire truck, etc.)

        The dispatcher will inform the proper Caltech personnel and any needed outside agency in order to secure required action.


        6727—SAFETY OFFICE—8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday

        4701—SECURITY OFFICE—24 hours

        4717—FACILITIES—24 hours

        5000—ANY EMERGENCY—24 hours

        395-5000 OFF-CAMPUS EMERGENCY—24 hours

        INFORMATION PHONE LINE FOR EMERGENCIES: Dial 3291; 626-395-3291 or 1-888-427-7465 from off campus. This line provides recorded information about the impact of an emergency on the campus, including whether or not employees should come to work. This line is for information only.

        EARTHQUAKE HOTLINE: Dial 3003; 626-395-3003 from off campus. This recorded message provides a list of phone numbers to call for information on recent seismic activity, agencies providing emergency services, and fault-line maps.

        THEFTS AND DAMAGES: Report immediately (at any time of day or night) to the Security Office, ext. 4701, all thefts of equipment, tools, or supplies, or malicious damage to Caltech or personal property. Such situations should also be reported to the Risk Manager, ext. 6324, at the time of occurrence or on the next working day.

        Questions? Commments? E-mail directory@