Good Black Hair

What is Good Hair?

Depending on whom you talk to, “Good  Hair” means different things to different people. Good can mean Shiny and Glossy, Relaxed or natural, or for some people super Long and luscious. “Good Hair” is such a confusing word as it really depends on who you are asking, and can make achieving your personal hair goals […]


Coconut and Lime Whipped Body Lotion

One of my favourite Homemade Whipped Butters is my Coconut and Lime Whipped Butter Body Lotion. This whipped body butter leaves your skin feeling amazingly moisturised and silky smooth. The Coconut and Shea butter mix absorb deep into the skin, providing intense hydration without leaving a heavy, greasy residue; whilst the Carrier oils help lock […]

Allurin Beauty: Cocoa Butter and Orange Whipped Body Scrub

Cocoa Butter and Orange Whipped Body Scrub

Whether you’re looking for personal homemade gifts or more natural beauty products, whipped butters are a great starting point to begin with. You can customise the butters to suit your preference, and it’s great fun experimenting with various ingredients and fragrances.  One of my favourite homemade Butter Scrubs is my Cocoa Butter and Orange Whipped […]