The Best Way To Easily Make The Most Of Limited Blogging Free Time

You’ve a few blog post ideas you want to get started on.

But you keep hearing you need to be building your email list

Not to mention branding yourself, if you want to start making money from your blogging.

Then suddenly the unexpected happens the kids are all napping in-sync *gasp*.

But what should you do? Where should you start first?

You go through all your blogging tasks and to-do’s, what to do first?  “Or maybe I’ll quickly check my Facebook feed”. Before you know it an hour has passed, you’ve not even started and is that baby monitor I hear!

There’s an easier way to declttuer your blogging to-do’s. So you know exactly what you need to get on with when that magical free time occurs.

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Blogging On A Tight Time Schedule

When you’re juggling house chores along with spending time with your kids, Finding the time to blog is not easy. So when that “magical” moment occurs – You’ve the house to yourself. The kids are sleeping, What do you crack on with first?

  • Write out a blog post you’ve been thinking about?

  • Clear up your blog side-bar?

  • Redesign you blog header or logo?

Or do you end up scrolling through you Facebook and Twitter feeds? Reading through emails? 40 minutes later, you’re no further than you were the day before.

I used to do this all the time. And all the time I used to feel so frustrated with myself for wasting such an amazing time opportunity. But it’s easily done. Everything changed when I discovered how to quickly make a mini task plan for my weekly blogging to do’s, with only 30 minutes of planning a week!

30 Minutes of Planning = Hours of Getting Things Done

This method of planning your weekly tasks can be broken down into 4 easy to follow steps, and all you’ll need is 30 minutes to get it done. When I started planning in this way, straight away I knew exactly what I needed to get done first when that time came for me to get some blogging done.

Ready to discover how you can master your weekly tasks with only 30 minutes planning a week and start making the most of your time? Let’s dive in.

Download my FREE The Busy Bloggers 4 Step Task Master Workbook, click the button below. Let me walk you through how you can easily make a mini task plan for your weekly blogging to do’s.

4 step blogging schedule when you've limited time and need to prioritize what to do first.

How Busy Bloggers Easily Make The Most Of Limited Free Time

4 step blogging schedule infographic when you've limited time and need to prioritize what to do first.

STEP 1 – A 5 Minute To-Do Lists Can Work

Make a simple list of all your tasks the night before.

This will get all those thoughts and ideas you’ve been collecting onto paper where they belong. On top of that. It’s also going to allow you to get your much-needed rest, instead of still thinking about your blog when it’s time for you to have a breather. *That one I was 100% guilty of*

4 step blogging schedule when you've limited time and need to prioritize what to do first.

STEP 2 – How To Prioritize Your Blogging Like A Boss

The second step is getting your list to work for you. Not you working for your list.

Getting Your List To Work From You. Not You Working For Your List Click To Tweet

Prioritizing each individual task, instantly makes it easier for you to see:

  • Which tasks need to be completed first. 

  • Which ones you’ll have room for flexibility for. If you do find yourself running short on time *because life happens!*. 

Top Tip – It’s crucial to be realistic and flexible, allow yourself room for any necessary changes.

A great way to prioritize you tasks is using the 4 quadrant time matrix by Stephen Covey. It’s a fantastic, quick way to figuring out all your tasks priorities. Download your Free Matrix Planner here.



Start by adding each task into the relevant quadrants. Take your time and consider all your main long-term goals. This can take as little as 10 – 15 minutes to fill in. But will save you hours deciding what to do first in the long run. With this matrix you can also include your household chores into the mix. Getting you blog and house hold chores working in sync, how great is that!

STEP 3 – Make Your To-Do List Work On Your Time

Have a look at your weekly schedule. When do you know you’ll have some “free” time to focus on your blogging? Download my FREE Workbook The Busy Bloggers 4 Step Task Master *PLUS* Weekly Planners from my resources library and start scheduling your most important blogging tasks. Get started right now by clicking the button below.

4 step blogging schedule when you've limited time and need to prioritize what to do first.

The crucial step. Don’t use all you’re free time blogging, you need time for you, time for your family. Spending all your free time on your blog can easily cause you to burn out and lose focus. Have a read of How To Stop Being Overwhelmed By Your To-Do List. Discover the secret to making a to-do list which works hand-in-hand with you click here.

Spend 5 minutes allocating each task into your

  • Morning Free-Times.
  • Afternoon Free-Times.
  • Evening List Free-Times. 

If you want you can also add estimated time slots in brackets next to each task.

The key to making this list work for you. Keep it Simple and Adaptable, because your priorities can change at the drop of a hat. Flexibility is going to be your secret weapon. Be realistic on what you can manage daily and any possible changes you’ll need to make.

STEP 4 – The Importance Of The 3 R’s

Finally. Spend 5 minutes at the end of each day to REFLECT on your daily tasks.

What made your day easier to manage?

What possible changes can you make for future tasks?

Do you need to do some re-jigging (RESCHEDULE) of tasks?

What task’s did you manage to complete? And give yourself a REWARD, you deserve it.

How To Quickly Make A To-Do List You Can Complete

I know first-hand how frustrating it can be trying to blog and manage your day-to-day tasks. But by using these 4 quick steps.

  1. Brainstorm a list of to-do’s
  2. Prioritize.
  3. Schedule
  4. The 3 R’s – Reflect, Reschedule and Reward.

You can start to take the guess-work out of knowing where to start, and stop that frustration of not making the most of your time. Use my FREE Workbook The Busy Bloggers 4 Step Task Master to help walk you though each step, and before you know it. You’ll be organizing your daily tasks like a pro, and making the most of your blogging time.

4 step blogging schedule when you've limited time and need to prioritize what to do first.

Give it a go and at the end of the week you’ll see a huge difference in the amount you get done each day.

What top tip do you use to organize your blogging to do’s alongside your home life? Share them with your fellow busy bloggers in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Way To Easily Make The Most Of Limited Blogging Free Time

    • Thanks Paula 🙂
      I feel you, working 12 hour shifts is no joke. I use to do them on a regular basis before I had my kids, to be honest I spent a lot of my downtime catching up on sleep, lol. But I know how tough it can get, when you’ve so many things to do, and not much time to do it all in. This method has really helped me stay on track, and keep my focus. So excited you’ve signed up for the task master workbook. Keep me posted on how you get on. It’s always great to have someone you can bounce off ideas and encouragement steps along the way.
      Thanks again for signing up, and taking the time to have read of my post.x

  • This is a great post. I’m pregnant and due in a couple of months so this is going to come in super handy once I have a newborn, writing, blogging, and a full time job! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks so much Emily.
      I’m so happy you’re going to find these steps a great help . My biggest tip would be take on 1 big task at a time, and don’t stress the rest. Easier said than done, I know but super rewarding✨. All the best for you and your new arrival, you must be so excited!
      Thanks again for having a read, stick around as I’ve more juicy great blogging strategies for us busy bloggers

  • These are truly rules to live by! I am a planner at heart and really enjoy my nightly planning time. I love, love the 3 R’s! This is something that I don’t do but will implement! Thank you so much, your posts are so inspiring!

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