How To Easily Reach Your Goals In 3 Awesome Steps

Have you ever woken up one morning with an amazing optimistic drive to take on all your chores, goals and simply just get things done like a boss. Fast forward to the evening and you’re burnt out, have only completed half of what you’ve planned, your kids have decided sleeping is not important, and that fantastic feeling this morning is a distant memory. If this sounds vaguely familiar then what I’m about to tell you is going to completely change your life.

How to set and reach goals in 3 easy steps

Imagine you’re preparing for a long haul drive with the kiddies, everything you’re going to do up until that point you’ve strategically planned out in your head subconsciously. You’ve arranged food & snacks for the road. You’ve a rough idea how long the journey may take, if you may need to stop for fuel, packed toys and possible gadgets to keep the kids entertained. And if you have younger kiddies like me you’ve also packed your baby bag with extra nappies, wipes and food. Without realizing you’ve careful planned ahead everything you could possibly need for your journey, you’re prepared for any possible situation or scenario. Your goal was to reach a specific destination on a given day, and along the way you’ve also planned and taken possible essentials you may need for your trip.

I want you to start imagining your goals in exactly the same way. Start planning your goals as you would plan a day trip out with your kids or a long haul drive.

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Your Goal Journey Begins Here

First things first. What is your final destination? Where are you heading too? In other words What Is Your Goal? When you start planning your goals the way you would automatically plan a day trip out, your goals will start taking shape. Okay so I’m driving to the Coast, but where in the Coast? How long may this journey take so I know when to leave? This is going to be the starting point for any goal:

  • What Is Your Destination? = What Is My Goal? (Be Specifc)

  • How long should I give myself? (your journey may usually take 1hr, but it’s always a good idea to make room for possible traffic)

Now you know where you’re going and you’ve a guide time frame, you can start planning what you’ll need to make sure your journey runs as smoothly as possible.

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Your Goal Journey Reached in 3 Steps - Planning Your Essentials

Planning Your Goal Essentials

Travelling Essentials

Here’s when you start planning and packing the essentials for your journey:

  • What may I need on my journey? (e.g. maybe some toys to keep the kids entertained)

  • What if we get hungry on the way? (Snacks)

  • What am I going to need just in case I come across any obstacles/traffic which may slow my progress?

So what are you going to need to make your trip run smoothly?  You may not have realized but these thoughts you automatically plan every time you’re heading on a journey, whether it be to the supermarket or a longer journey to visit relatives. Managing your goals in exactly the same way is the secret to reaching your goals, when there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

One of my biggest goals last year was to reduce my food bill by a third. I created a spreadsheet to help me quickly see what area I spent a larger chunk of my food bill, this also allowed me to compare a week by week analysis. I chose a start date and at the end of each week I would go through my food bill to see where I could possibly save money. I noted down any food wastage and any possible changes I could implement the following week. You see before I started my goal I planned what I was going to need for my journey – spreadsheet and completing a 20 minute weekly analysis at the end of each week. Along the way I realized a weekly food plan could be a fantastic tool to cutting down wastage, and decided to start planning my meals in advance so I knew what I was going to buy each week. All the steps I took is a prime example of what you do naturally when you’re planning a day trip out. You automatically consider what you could possibly need for your trip to make your journey as easy and stress-free as possible, and occasionally you make adjustments where possible (my weekly food planner) to keep you on the right track.


Your Goal Journey Reached in 3 Steps


Handling Traffic and Roadworks

It’s inevitably at times something may slow you down along the way, but planning for these moments is going to make these obstacles seem less stressful. If you get stuck in traffic with your kids the odds of them sitting still contently is quite low, they’re going to start getting a bit bored. So having things to entertain them or snacks if they’re hungry is your secret weapon. Applying your natural planning skills to your goals is exactly the same principles you need to setting and reaching your goals.

Sometimes you’ll get to your destination with no traffic or pit-stops, but most of the time you may face one or two obstacles. This is why you need to have some preparation to help you get through those obstacles because life happens.

But what happens when you do need to pull over? Maybe you need to change a nappy, deal with a temper tantrum or you’re just feeling a bit tired and hungry. This is also a fantastic opportunity to take a step back and have a think to see if you may need to make any possible changes in direction, or simply just to recharge you thoughts. Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far and before you know it you’ll be back on the road again, fully recharged and ready to reach your final destination and you will get there.


Goal Setting Secret

Start planning your goals in the same way you would plan a long haul journey or day trip out with the kids:

  • What is it I want to achieve? Write down how long realistically it may take you.

  • Plan your essentials for your trip: (i) What are you going to need to make this journey? (ii) What are you going to need to make this journey run as smoothly as possible in case of traffic or detours?

  • Remember sometimes you’ll need to take a break maybe to change your route or simply to recharge and get your focus back. Look at how much you’ve accomplished and get back on the road again, you will reach your destination.

All these skills you automatically do without thinking, sometimes we forget that we already know how to use these skills successfully. Apply these same planning principles to your goals and before you know it you’ll be at your final destination. To get you started in the right direction use this awesome FREE Simple Goal Planner to start planning your goals, and get you on the right track. If you need that little extra guide planning your To Do List, Check out How to Easily Complete Your To Do List, 5 Insanely Simple Steps and grab your Free To Do List Planner.

Let’s help each other reach our Goals. Tell me a goal you want to achieve this year, let’s work together in planning your smooth easy journey to your final destination?

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    • Thank you Maryam.

      I’ve been using this method for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always found it to be extremely helpful in maintaining my focus and keeping me going on the right track.
      Let me know how this technique works out for you, thanks again.

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