5 Fantastic & Easy Spring DIY Crafts You Will Love

When it comes to Easter I can literally spend hours (I’m not kidding,, hours!) browsing the stores ohhhhing all the pretty spring inspired, ornaments, crafts and Easter baskets, I’m literally like “ a magpie for glitter”. But once I look at some of the price tags,,, well let’s say I elegantly place it back down. As much as I can imagine how stunning it would look in the living room, I can’t bring myself to purchase it for the price they’re asking!

If this is ringing some truth with you, I want to assure you there are other budget friendly options, which are simply stunning, fun and EASY! .

5 Fantastic & Easy DIY Spring Crafts

I can’t believe the Easter Weekend is so close! It doesn’t seem long ago we were counting in the new year. So to help you have a low-cost Easter with all the thrills, here’s a list of 5 fantastic DIY Ideas for this Spring which I absolutely adore, to get your creative juices flowing and bring a little bit of spring indoors.

5 Fantastic & Easy DIY Spring Crafts

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5 Elegant & Easy DIY Spring Craft Ideas

  1. Cute Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Shared through Country Living Magazine this amazing site hosts a whole range of creative ideas for your home, garden and a wide range of craft inspirations to suit all styles, as well as yummy food and drink ideas. This collection of 15 cute Easter basket Ideas from strawberry baskets, cute little buckets you can pick up for the pound store or garden center to Cookware, is awesome for inspiring your own unique Easter basket creations from the traditional Easter baskets simply by using products readily available in your own home. And what I love the most… These amazing Easter basket ideas look like the ones you can easily find in a high-end department store and would happily pay good money for (Crazy!).

  1. DIY Fabric Art

Creating your own home art is definitely trending at the moment, it’s an awesome way to put your own personal style and mark in your home. Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime has a super simple to follow pictorial on how you can achieve these amazing pieces in your own home. For those in the UK, Ikea’s a great one-stop shop for stylish budget-friendly frames. Jamielyn also shares a fantastic collection of recipes and diy crafts for the home and the kiddies all in beautiful pictorials which are really easy to follow, so definitely bookmark her site if your love adorable craft ideas to try your hand at.

  1. Easter Candy Jars

I was dying from the cuteness when I saw these! These mason jars are by Linda at Mason Jar Crafts Love, she shows how to create super adorable Easter Candy Mason Jars which will also be great fun for the little ones to get involved in. And after Easter these jar will be fantastic for storing pens, makeup brushes, flowers, spare change… Seriously the possibilities are endless!

  1. Tulip Spring Wreath

Decorative Wreaths aren’t simply for Christmas, a simple spring based wreath can really bring a bright welcoming feeling to any home. Beautiful spring wreaths always seems to lift my mood, and you can make them as simple or complex as you like. This stunning Tulip Wreath by Melissa at Polka Dot Chair is a fantastic starting point for inspiring your own wreath ideas.

  1. DIY Floral Inspired Tea Lights for Spring Nights

Spring-themed tea lights are a simple elegant idea for those spring evenings, I love creating a relaxing or romantic mood with candles when I get some me time (which doesn’t happen as much as I would like). Using Rose or Tulip petals captures the elements of spring as it’s the time of flowers and everything is in blossom. I love this easy tutorial by Elle. E. Diva using a flame-less candle, the steps are beautifully explained in an easy to follow pictorial, and the results are simply stunning!

Crafting can be so much fun, easy and really affordable. Use what inspires you, use what you have laying around and have fun capturing your style in your home this Spring.

Let me know if you’ve had your hand at some beautiful easy crafts this Spring and feel free to share.

Have these craft ideas inspired you?

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5 Fantastic & Easy DIY Spring Crafts

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