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FREE Fitness Planner

Start your day with a Healthy Mind Set

Was your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Get Fit? Or have you always tried to lose a few pounds here and there?  Now we’re entering into February have things not gone off on the right foot, then somewhere along the line you simply lose momentum and throw in the towel… Well I’m here to tell you don’t give up, stop beating yourself up this happens a lot more often than we realise. I’ll be first to put my hands up and say I’ve been exactly in your shoes, I’ve felt exactly how you may feel, and it’s disheartening I know but there’s no reason why you can’t pick yourself up and try again. There’s no reason why you can’t start February with a new attitude for the New You!

It doesn’t have to always be the beginning of a New Year before you decide to make changes. So what’s going to be different this time? What’s going to aid you shedding those few pounds…I’ll tell you the secret, it’s how you think which is going to accelerate your Goals to completion:

Start Thinking in a Healthier Frame of Mind

 Stop constantly analysing you weight on the scales.

Stop focusing on fad diets or how much others have lost in 30 days.

Stop focusing on counting every single calorie

This will only dampen your drive and can make you lose focus.

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A gym membership isn’t necessary to keep fit especially if you don’t have the funds, or it may not be convenient for you to travel to a gym. There’re loads of good fitness dvd’s available with instructors who will show you how to use everyday objects in your home to keep fit. Use what you have freely available around you. Fill up old water bottles as weights. Go out and exercise, take the dog for a walk, take early morning walks or go for a run – All of this without costing a penny!

All you really need  is have a healthier frame of mind. We know better than anybody what’s good for us. Which foods we can indulge in and which foods not so much. So have fun with food and experiment with new flavours and plan a head. And yes! You can eat those foods which you may consider on your naughty list just in moderation. Don’t restrict yourself, as this can make life boring and maintaining weight lose harder to achieve, so have fun and enjoy your food.

FREE Fitness, Workout, Exercise Planner, with Meal Planner

Have Fun with Meals, Make Food Colourful

The key to losing weight and maintaining that weight lose is not through punishing yourself and making your goals hard to achieve, but to have a healthy frame of mind. Remember you’ve been living your life this way for such a long time, so it’s not going to be easy to break the habit. It will take time and you will have slip ups, but this doesn’t mean you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Consider first why this happened, and how you can overcome this hurdle in the future.

Remember, anything worth doing is never going to be easy,  this is why it’s vital to:

Learn, Pick Yourself Up and Carry On. You Will Achieve Your Goals.


To help me keep a healthy frame of mind I created a fantastic Fitness Planner Printable. I can easily keep track of what I eat, plan meals and plan what exercises I’ll be completing each day. My Planner has been invaluable in keeping me in a healthy frame of mind. So to help you on your “Healthy You Journey” I’m super excited to offer my personal Fitness Planner FREE to DOWNLOAD simply click the image below.

FREE Fitness Printable Planner

Don’t allow set-backs to hold you back, having a healthy outlook on your life is going to help you live a healthy life, and allow you to achieve your own fitness goals. Download your FREE (25 page) printable and get started. Let me know how you get on. 🙂

FREE Exercise Planner Printable

FREE Fitness Planner Printable – Allurin’ Beauty

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