How To Stop Procrastinating For Good!

How to Stop Procrastinating!

Have you ever woken up with a crazy long list of tasks and to do’s to complete? So you get yourself ready to crack on, but you know what? You’re just simply not feeling it. Hellooo Procrastination!. Deep down you know they need to be completed but the thought of doing them just isn’t there. As much as you may feel guilty for procrastinating not to mention wasting so much of your valuable time, stopping procrastination is a challenge in itself, right!

So how do you stop procrastinating?

How To Stop Procrastinating For Good! (1) 

Firstly let me tell you, you’re not alone. I’ll put up my hands I’ve been in that dreaded procrastination zone a few too many times in the past and so have many others. Have you ever googled for tips and advice on How to Stop Procrastinating? There’s a lot of great information out there such as ‘start planning your goal’s, to a number of tried and tested tips and techniques. Great right? Actually not so much, you see the issue with a lot of these guides is they’re missing out what I now know is a key element to getting your mind out of the procrastination zone. Once you actually get to grips with this technique, you’ll see how much harder it will be for you to procrastinate!

In my recent article How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now! I shared an amazing key element  which was like a light bulb moment for me, it literally took me from being the procrastination junkie to “I’m On Point Today!”  I was completely blown away by the positive responses I received, I wanted to come back and share with you a more detailed look into this amazing technique. As well as share with you how you too can stop procrastinating and start making the most of your time. Discovering this awesome technique has completed changed how I tackle my to do’s and goals head on and has completely changed my life. I’m super excited to be sharing this simple but yet so unrated technique with you guys today, I want you to have the same amazing light bulb moment I had too!

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Procrastinating Meaning

Procrastinating ~ delaying something you know must be done, can stop you achieving what you need to get done. Not only can it really hold you back for reaching your goals, it can also prevent you from reaching your true potential. So why do you, I and so many others procrastinate?

It’s easy! It’s really the easier option to choose, do you work or do you do nothing? Which is easier? See what I mean. You see Procrastination can be fueled by 3 main areas:

  1. When the task at hand is either super boring
  2. When the task at hand is quite challenging or difficult.
  3. Or simply when you’re tired.

Tiredness you can remedy by long-term making more time for yourself to take time out and resting, or short-term coffee (if you’re a bit like me), but the other two can be a bit more tricker to handle. This is where Loving The Process is going to be your secret weapon to stopping you from procrastinating.

Have you ever noticed how no matter how tired you are or how busy you may be, if you really enjoy what you’re doing you’ll make time for it, and you’ll manage to find that much-needed extra energy to get it done? It wasn’t until I really understood the importance of learning how to love the process I began to notice how my whole way of working and planning changed, and when you learn this technique you’ll instantly see you too will start to procrastinate less.


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Loving The Process

Loving The Process can be split into two parts:

  • Creating very tailored specific mini-steps within your task
  • Making Your Mini-Steps Enjoyable

One of my favorite motivational quotes for Loving the Process comes from one of greatest heavyweights in the history of boxing – Muhammad Ali:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. Muhammad Ali

I know what you’re thinking? How on earth am I going to learn how to love something that I don’t even want to do it?? Well I’m going to show you how, in the most simple and impactful way. I’ve designed my new updated FREE 5 Day Email Course to give you the most impact in a simple and short space of time, because I know the last thing you need right now is a lengthy How To.. You want techniques which work and you can use in your everyday life, and this is what I’ve incorporated into this course.

This FREE 5 Day Email Course will provide you right now with the 5 Steps you’ll need to up-leveling your Blogging Productivity or any other tasks you need to crack on with. Start making the most of your time, & start creating massive growth.

  • The 5 steps you need to have, in order to stop Procrastination. 
  • Plus we’re going to be using these 5 simple steps first hand, so you can take action and have a huge breakthrough!
  • Worksheets to help keep you on track along the course.


How To Stop Procrastinating For Good. Right Now!

You see I know what it feels like when you’ve so much to do, when you’ve important tasks you really need to get done but you simply just don’t have the drive, you’re heads not in the game. When the task at hand is super boring and you can’t really be bothered. I’ve been there, and the truth is sometimes I still end up in that zone now and again. But this awesome technique I’ve learnt gets me out of that zone by allowing me to love the process and not give procrastination a chance.

Procrastination is a negative cycle, you feel so guilty and awful you didn’t complete what you planned, which makes you feel even less motivated and you start having self-doubt which seeps into your future tasks. I don’t want you to feel this anymore, so let’s get you out of this procrastination cycle. So what have you got to lose?

Too help you get on the awesome right track, I’ve also loads more FREE goodies you won’t want to miss out on. So, If planning and sticking to your to do list is a bit of a hit-&-miss affair, let’s fix that today! Go and check out How to Complete Your To Do List, 5 Easy Steps and DOWNLOAD your FREE To Do List Planner.

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