How to use Pinterest for Blogging

How to use Pinterest for Blogging -

How to use Pinterest for Blogging –

I recently started using the social media platform Pinterest. I was familiar with the name but not used it before now. I decided to take a dive into the world of Pinterest, and now I’m hooked.

Pinterest is a great way of visually sharing interests such as Likes, Hobbies and Thoughts. Similar to Instagram, but unique in the aspect you can produce your own customizable blank canvas (board), and add-on related images. Pinterest is a fun and versatile way to share your interests and blog posts. You can produce a board on absolutely anything you like: hobbies, likes, interests even your blog posts. I have a few boards for different categories, for example I have a board dedicated for some Amazingly Inspirational Makeup Designs – have a peek.

Pinterest is another great way of promoting your blog. Tagging and categorising your images into the right field allows anyone searching for a particular tag, such as bbloggers, photography, makeup, vintage cars,, to view your image in their search results. From your image searchers have the option to found out more about your image, directing them to your site. They also have the option to “like” images, and “re-pin” your image onto their own board to their followers – allowing your image to be seen by a wider audience.

 When I first started using Pinterest I only had boards on my interests and likes, then I realised the potential in sharing my blog posts with others with similar interests. If you have an Instagram account, then Pinterest is very similar. The main difference is you’re adding your images to a particular board, it’s really that easy. What makes Pinterest great for reaching a wider audience is the option to not only add your images to your own searchable boards, but there’re various community boards which let you promote your blog post images to its followers.


How to Make your Blog Post Images Pin-Friendly:

If you have a picture on your post, you can pin-it on Pinterest:

  1. Create a Pinterest Account.
  2. Set up a few Boards (whatever you like, it’s your creative canvas).
  3. Find & Follow other Pinners with similar interests. This part is very important, the more people you interact with the better you’ll find the experience.
  4. Start Pinning – Pinterest is based on the whole idea of using pictures, you want your images/pins to be “eye-catching” and to entice people to want to find out more.

I’m going to use the image from this post as an example of making your images pin friendly:

How to use Pinterest to Grow your Blog -

How to use Pinterest to Grow your Blog –


I start with my original unedited blog image. If you want you can pin this image as it is, but remember what I said about wanting your picture to be eye-catching, so it needs a bit of tweaking. Remember it’s up to you how jazz up your images.


Here I added a camera effect to my image, to soften the image and make it look a bit more eye-catching.


You may want to add some text to your image, you want to give an idea of what your pin is about – a little taster. You don’t want to fill the image with too much text, as it will start to look too busy.  Try using a catchphrase, a simple slogan or a tagline. The key is to keep it short, catchy and straight to the point, you want to give a taster of you blog post.


They you have it, the finished Blog Post Image ready for Pinning, and it took less than 5 minutes to make it Pin-Friendly.

All you need to use Pinterest to promote your blog is an image from your blog post, or another image which relates to your post. Just remember, you want this image to eye-catching and maybe a few words to let people know a bit more.

Make your blog post images Pin Friendly, and get more people viewing your blog posts. If you have any Pinterest-Blog queries, feel free to leave a comment.

For more blogging tips follow my Bloggers Tips Board on Pinterest

**Happy Pinning**

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