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Scheduling Your Social Media for Blogging

Using Facebook Groups to Drive Traffic to your Blog Posts

Sticking to a schedule is not easy, believe me you’re not alone if you ‘sighed’ at the thought of writing up a schedule for your Home, Work, Classes or Blogging!

However, Scheduling and Blogging go hand in hand:

Schedule your Priorities

– Stephen Covey

Having a schedule for your blog posts helps simplify When and How you’re going to get your posts out there! Scheduling is a great way to help you keep everything surrounding your blog and personal life ticking away smoothly, and even better free’s up that extra time you didn’t realise you had!

Blogging and Facebook

Posting your blogs in related Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to meet like-minded bloggers in your niche, as well as promoting your blog posts.

Blogger to Blogger Interaction + Post Engagement = Increase in Blog Traffic

However, If you’re anything like me I’m guilty of being in the “I’m a member of the 10+ Facebook Group’s Blogger”, and even if you’re not it can easily become confusing recalling:

  • “Which Groups & Blogs did I Post Yesterday”?
  • “Which Posts did I promote in Group A”?
  • “How Many Times this Week have I Posted about a Particular Blog Post in Group B”? (Remember! Sharing your blog posts is all well and good, but don’t forget Blogger-to-Blogger Interaction within Groups is essential to really achieve ENGAGEMENT on your Blog Posts and not come across as spammy.)

Now if this does sound vaguely familiar, and you’re finding yourself being crunched for time spending your spare time scrolling through your Facebook feed for way longer than you intended, you are not alone. I’ve done exactly the same, which is what spurred me to develop a more organised way of sharing my posts within Facebook Groups, and my Facebook Group Planner was born!

Social Media Planner for Blog Posts

Facebook Group Post Planner – Allurin’ Beauty

My printable Planner has really helped me keep track of all the tasks I want to complete each day, as well as completed tasks within each of my Facebook groups.

I’m super thrilled to be bringing to you my Facebook Group Post Planner FREE when you subscribe to my Newsletter – ‘Beauty Purity Boutique‘. Using this planner has made organising my blog posts in Facebook more organised and less time-consuming. I want to share this great tool with all of you so you too can have a great flow to your Blog’s Facebook Group postings, and free up time you may not have realised you had, whilst making sure you post during optimum engagement slots within the day..

What’s Included:

  • Group Information Pages – Group Bio, Admins, Weekly Threads and Additional Notes.
  • Blog Facebook Post(s) Pages –  (different versions of your Facebook Post, to keep your posts intriguing and fresh if you’re posting more than once a day.)
  • Weekly Facebook Group Planner Pages.
  • Weekly Thread Planner Pages.

But why stop at planning your Facebooks Groups Post’s? Let’s start the New Year and take your blog to the next level. So I’ve also included my personal Twitter Scheduling Planner Sheet too!

To grab you FREE Facebook Group Post Planner, simply click through this link → FREE FACEBOOK GROUP POST PLANNER and lets start planning and organising your Facebook Group posts.

But wait!! The goodies don’t just end there, you’ll also recieve my personal Weekly Twitter Blog Post Planner Sheet. Then you can simply use an Schedule Planing App like Hootsuite or Buffer and let them do the rest of the hard work for you! And if you’ve not grabbed my Ultimate Life, Blogging Planner yet, you’ll also receive this too when you Subscribe through the above link.

But Hurry, my Ultimate Planner is Only available FREE during the months of January & February!

Planning When & Where you’re going to schedule your blog posts not only will free up your time to spend on other areas of your blog or personal life, but most importantly will help optimise your time on social media bringing in MORE traffic to your blog.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Grab These Fantastic Freebies NOW?

You can also Check Out My Free Ultimate Life, Blogging, Business Planner HERE, for more details.


Printing & Download Guide:

  • This Planner is an A5 PDF document, please ensure you are able to download, read and print PDF’s.
  • Once downloaded to your computer, save somewhere safe and print away!
  • When you subscribe you’ll receive a separate Welcome email, where you’ll be able to download your planner of choice (to ensure delivery of any Allurin’ Beauty email goodies to your inbox please add to your Email Address Book or Safe List). When you download your chosen planner, you’ll be taken to Dropbox where you can either:
    – Download the PDF directly via the blue download symbol in the top right hand corner.

    – Download through Dropbox (if you’re already a user) it’s that easy!

This planner is for personal use only (available free only to subscribers of the Purity Beauty Boutique Newsletter), please do not mass distribute or sell without my permission.
Also, please be respectful of copyrights. I LOVE when you share – so feel free to Pin or Link my original post (at
“Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook”). But please do not upload the actual planner PDF to your post.
Many Thanks. xx

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