Do You Have A Kickass Growth Mindset?

Has the thought of providing an extra income for your family and yourself, been on your mind a couple of times? You’ve tolled on the possibility of starting your own online business from an interest, maybe a hobby, or an area you’ve an awesome skill in? So you sit down and have a good ol’ think, but now the idea seems like a lot more hassle and risk than it’s worth. Is this sounding some what familiar? Well I want to reassure you, you’re not alone. The truth is at one point I had the exact same thoughts. So what changed for me? What’s really holding you back from taking that step to starting your dream?


Do You Have a Kickass Growth Mindset: Part 1

The major step which can stop you from believing you can achieve your dreams, which can actually hinder your progress is the type of Mindset you’re in. Your Mindset is your Inner Thoughts, your thoughts about Yourself and about your Environment.

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Mindset’s 101

So today I thought it would be really cool to break down Mindset’s and share a deeper insight into your own mindset. Your Mindset has such a huge impact on your entire life, it’s an amazing powerful tool and can elevate you to places you’ve never believed, but it can also hold you back. You see even with knowledge if you’ve a suppressive kind of mindset, you’re not going to use that knowledge in the best possible way for you.

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I want you to imagine I gave you an awesome online business idea, it’s a fantastic business model. I’ve done all you’re market research for you and you know it has great market potential. It’s yours, my gift to you for being your awesome selves. Alrighty, go and start your amazing business…

Would you turn around and say, “Awesome! Thanks, I’m going to ask my good ol’ friend Google where to start first” and simply get cracking? Or would you think “Yeah, this is great and all, BUT I don’t know where to even start. I’ve no knowledge on how to even market this business, and let’s not get into where I’m going to even find the time? Thanks, I appreciate it but no thanks”.


You see the first thought is how you with a Growth Mindset would think. You’re aware of your possible lack of business knowledge or what I like call it “Your Deficiencies”, as deficiencies can be treated. Or maybe marketing may not be your strong point, or you simply don’t have any prior business experience. But you realize this is an amazing opportunity, an opportunity you may not see again, so you’ll take it thank you and head straight onto Google to do some research (Google is not the only place for research, lol, but it’s very handy).

The second thought is how a Fixed Mindset would think. Same opportunity, but the biggest difference is a Fixed Mindset see’s their deficiencies as Fixed – It cannot be changed, too much hassle, too much risk of being a failure. You see a Fixed Mindset will suppress your actions which inevitably will suppress your progress and possible growth.

Growth Mindset = Growth in Life

Can you see how your current Mindset has a huge impact on every aspect of your life? I used a business idea as an example, simply to show you how it can influence your business decisions. But your Mindset can and will affect all aspects of your life, from your personal choices, to your relationships. So now what? What can you do to get into a Growth Mindset and remove those Fixed Mindset thoughts?

Well I’m pleased to tell you that’s the beauty about your Mindset, you can change it. Throughout this blog I’m going to share with you various techniques and guides to help you understand and alter the way you think, moving you into a Growth Mindset for your Business and your Personal Development.

Today I simply wanted to share with you guys a clearer understanding of Mindsets and how powerful your mindset can be. Your best ally to achieving your goals and inevitably having a more confident and happy life depends on adopting a Growth mindset. I’ll be honest with you from the get go, there is no one magic answer, and it can be challenging at times. But the end results believe me you wouldn’t change for the world

Next week in Part 2, I’ll will be sharing more insight into the Mindset’s and how to move your thinking from a Fixed Mindset into a Growth Mindset. You absolutely do not want to miss next weeks post, where I’ll be taking you personally on a life-changing journey set with realistic, simple steps to developing a Kickass Growth Mindset for your Business, and for a Life You’ll Love.


I would love to know where you think you currently may spend most of your thoughts when it comes to making business decisions, a Fixed Mindset or a Growth let me know in the comments box below?

What ONE aspect of starting your own business is weighing on your mind right now, let me know or if your prefer Email Me, lets start working together today.


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