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The Lovely Blogger Lenka, nominated me for a Liebester Award. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to her, and if you’re not familiar with her blog please go and check out her site she has a fantastic blog ~

So the rules with this award:
– Firstly you thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.
– Answer the 10 – 11 questions asked by the nominator, with regards to myself and my blog.
– Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers with under 500 followers.
– Create 11 questions for the nominees.
– Display the Liebster Award logo on your page
– List these 6 rules on your post.
So here it goes!


1. What is your favourite social media?

I would say my favourite social media would have to be YouTube, I’ve learnt so much purely from watching YouTube. It’s a great way to see things first hand and YouTube does have some amazingly funny videos.

2. Where are you the most active?

I would say I am mostly active equally on Twitter and Facebook. I luv with Twitter the ability to encapsulate your thoughts and opinions in short (sometimes catchy) sentences. I tend to use Facebook if I want to add a bit more information or link various pictures.

3. What´s your favourite stage of the day?

At the end of the day, I always treat myself to a hot beverage and have some quality me time💞.

4. Do you do your face makeup first or do you go straight to the eyes?

I normally do my face make up first because I don’t always wear eye makeup, it just depends on how much time I have. So if I’m running short on time I’ll do my face and then I just pop on some mascara.

5. Who is your blogger inspiration?

This question is a bit of a tough one, as I don’t really have a particular blogger who has just inspired me. I do however follow individuals on YouTube who also have blogs who are fantastically talented and provide great advice and tips on makeup and lifestyle who have really inspired me so check them out below and in my Blogroll sidebar for links to their pages:

Stephaine Lange MUA

Crystal MUA

Sam & Nicki Chapman MUA’s

Goss MUA

Lisa Potter-Dixon Benefit Head MUA

Socialite Sandi Lfestyle & Beauty Vlogger

6. Do you do any research online before you buy something (makeup wise)?

Always, I always check out reviews before I buy anything. Whether it’s makeup or something for the kids. I’ll always check shop reviews, YouTube and blogs.

7. What was your first makeup product?

My first makeup product was foundation and no, it wasn’t a good match😂.

8. What are your latest addictions?

Liquid lipsticks and particularly Matte ones😍💞

9. Do you fake tan?


10. What is the most precious thing in your makeup collection?

I find this question a little difficult because I have some high-end makeup but I wouldn’t call it precious, even though some were quite budget busting. It would have to be a few years back, I bought a collection from Mac – Venomous Villains, which is my most precious collection because not only do I luv the products itself, I adore the packaging and design so this would be my most precious collection.

11. Would you ever consider posting beauty videos on YouTube?

It has crossed my mind. It’s more about just timing and planning my YouTube channel around my Family, Blogging and Work-Life (so maybe in the future watch this space;) .

Check out these lovely bloggers below who I’ve nominated for a Liebester Award, and once again thank you Lenka for the nomination:

Yaya Miora –

Laurie Frempong –

Paula De La Asunción-

Daniella Nicholls –

Katie Kirk –

Nandini Swaninathan –

Eugenie McDonald –

Jay Goldsmith –

Natalia Varso –

Anna.C –

Karl Baker –

Here are my questions for you lovely bloggers:

1. What do you enjoy about blogging?
2. What gets you out of bed every morning?
3. Who are the top 5 people you would invite for dinner (whether they are still alive or not)?
4. What is your Favourite book?
5. Are you a Summer or Winter lover and Why?
6. Sweet or Savoury?
7. What is your all time Travel Destination?
8. What is your Favourite Quote?
9. What is your Latest Addiction?
10. What is your Secret Talent?

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