How to Do It Like Dicaprio – Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!


Deep in Hollywood….

Here we go once more. Man! I love these nights. Me and “Where’s the Party At?” Not seen him in a while, this will be an awesome night. Been fully engrossed with past projects, it’s going to be epic letting loose, maybe a drink or two three. Must book time in next week for some interesting new projects I’ve been exploring, can’t wait to get stuck in. Right… let’s get this night moving!


Do It Like Leonardo Dicaprio Never Give Up on Your Goals

If you’re thinking have I come to the right place? Yes you most certainty have. What was that about?  Nope, I’m not teasing you to a tiny tidbit from my upcoming novel, which is a personal bucket-list ambition of mine. These are the thoughts I imagine going through a certain award winning actor’s mind before finding out he finally won. He finally reached want I can imagine one of many dream goals. I doubt he would of said ‘epic’, I just love the word.


Growing Your Skills, Make Your Dreams Reality

Nominated how many times? But never reaching his prize. Or had he always reached the prize, simply not the physical one? Making a name for himself in numerous unforgettable films, homing in on his skills with each step. Now recognized as an exceptional diverse professional in his field. So what is truly of more value, the physical reward or the skills gained on the way? I personally feel both. A physical reward though super awesome for staying in focus, but the skills grown along the way will always eclipse this physical reward, in Mr Dicaprio’s case taking him places he never thought or possibly dreamed of reaching.

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Do It Like DiCaprio!

To be honest with you I’m not a “I Must Watch The Oscar’s” type of gal (are you all covering your mouths in horror!), it simply never sparked an interest for me. It’s funny, I honestly thought Mr D had won an Oscar in the past (that’s how little I know about the glitzy O’s).

Why? For me, his various film roles show his versatility and growth, he didn’t need the physical reward in my eyes.

Inspiration - Make Your Dreams a Reality


Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

What I’m going to take from Mr Dicaprio? Home in on your skills, nurture them, protect them from negativity. Mr D didn’t allow (Surprisingly!) not winning an Oscar stop him from strengthening his skills. He grew them and finally (About Time Really!) he reached his physical reward.

  • 1. NURTURE
  • 2. PROTECT
  • 3. GROW

Truly the take home, good things will eventually come to those who work their arses off and never give up. It can take time (sometimes a long time!), please don’t shout me out if you’re still busting a hump 3,6 or 12 months later, your journey is still as important.

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Like Dicaprio your initial goal could lead to a much better outcome, maybe not the physical reward initially but the skills and reputation you would have mastered along the way. Want extra tools to help setting up and learning from your personal goal journey to your physical reward, click the link How To Easily Reach Your Goals in 3 Awesome Steps.

Do you feel the physical reward is more valuable than the journey, or do they share equal relevance? I’m intrigued to know your take.

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