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The Lovely Blogger Tiffany May Tagged me for a Love, Hate Tag, with this tag you list 10 things which you love and 10 things which you hate, then Tag 10 other bloggers to complete the tag.

So here it goes!


1. Love Love Love my Family ~ My Family are my World, my Rock. My two Beautiful Girls, my amazing Husband, my supportive Parents, Brothers and Sister. Family means the World to me.
2. Reading ~ Love reading a good book on a beautiful summer evening, that’s how I unwind and relax.


3. Absolutely Positively Adore MAKEUP!!!

4. Cheese, enough said.
5. The Autumn ~ Autumn is my favourite season, the Reds, Oranges and Brown tones make me feel so relaxed and warm. I actually based on my wedding theme on Autumn colours.
6. Candles the more the merrier (remember safety first).
7. I absolutely adore jelly, one of my favourite desserts.
8. Sci-fi ~ I’m a bit of a Sci-fi Geek, have been since I could remember. I think that’s why I was drawn to the sciences at school.
9. Halloween Parties ~ It’s a great chance to let your hair down and have fun. Dress up as your favourite character no matter what your age.
10. Christmas ~ I absolutely love Christmas. The happiness and joy on my children’s faces in the morning when they go to the tree to open their presents. Everybody is happy, you can hear laughter in the house. Christmas dinner spending it with family and friends, it’s such a beautiful warm atmosphere. It’s also the build-up I love, getting the tree ready and decorating the house.


1. Catching the flu during the summer ~ As I then become THAT lady who has to put the heating on as I’m super cold. Which drives my family and work colleagues crazy.
2. When I create an amazing eyeshadow look, then when I apply mascara it goes on my lid😭
3.  Seeing a Builders Bum on Display ~ Come on people pull your trousers up nobody wants to see that, you cannot tell me you don’t feel a breeze!
4. When I’m absolutely exhausted but can’t seem to get to sleep.
5. Big one for me, I cannot stand bad manners. Good manners cost nothing and you’re more likely to get help from individuals when you’re kind and polite, simple!
6. I hate giving my cat a bath,,, I think I hate it more than he does.


7. I not keen on styling my hair because it’s so thick an unruly, it takes patience and effort. So when I’m running late it can annoy me, but once it’s done it looks great and I’m all smiles.
8. Chipping my nail polish whilst waiting for it to dry.
9. Seeing people openly spitting on the street in front of you, Eeuurrghh,,, my goodness use a tissue it’s vile.
10. Mess, I’m a bit of a neat freak. I feel more relaxed when my place is organised and tidy.

There you have it my 10 Loves & Hates, thanks again to Tiffany May for tagging me, and if you haven’t already check out her blog please show her some love.

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