The Best Way To Easily Start Planning All Your To-Do’s

It’s half 6 in the morning, you’re just about to take that first sip of coffee.

You know you’ve a ton of to-do’s to complete for your blog – blog posts, graphics, not to mention that all important email list.

“I’ll just quickly check my emails”.

“Oh wow, that looks like a fantastic free course to take. I‘ll quickly sign up for that, but I mustn’t forget to watch yesterday’s replay on kicking Instagram’s butt”…

40 minutes later. Emails checked and now the kids are starting to get up.

You’ve so much to do today. “First get the kids ready, then later I’ll start on with my blog post. Oh but I must listen to that replay”..

How do those professional bloggers do it? How can they blog and still have a life without losing their minds. Or feeling overwhelmed before the day has even started?

This was me a year ago. I had so many ideas for my blog, but absolutely no time. Juggling my time around my kids, family, work and blog was wearing me out and pulling me under. I had no idea how blogging could actually feel like having another job!

For the longest time, I didn’t realize the benefits of planning my blogging into my life. I mean I barely had enough time as it was. Where was I going to find the time to make a blogging plan.

Until suddenly, I got it! It clicked, and I went into planning mania. Planning completely changed my relationship with my work, my family and my blogging. Planning is the key to unlocking the professional blogger in you, and it doesn’t have to be over-complicated or time-consuming.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed like I was, now is the time to give planning a try.

The Best Way To Easily Start Planning All Your To-Do's BLOG POST


Have you ever gone out and been so hungry, that when you finally get to a restaurant you’ve no idea what to choose. Everything looks so tasty and delicious you’ve no idea what to pick. You can’t contain your excitement when your meal arrives, and you gradually work your way through your starter onto your main. Halfway through your main you begin to struggle and start to feel full. As delicious as it is, you know you’ve no more room to squeeze in one more mouthful, and you’ve not even ordered your dessert yet! Remember that feeling? Being uncomfortably full, not being able to have one more mouthful.

This is exactly what it’s like when you don’t have a plan. You’re surrounded by so many choices, but you’ve no idea which to pick first. From mouth-watering starters to delicious mains. So what ends up happening? You end up taking on far more than you can manage, and left feeling overfull, tired and wishing you had ordered differently.

Did you know people who write stuff done are 42% more likely to actually get it done? [Research by Dominican University of California psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews]

Writing down a plan, is going to help you:

  • Consume what you can handle.
  • To have what you know you truly want to devour.
  • To order just a bit of a time, so that you don’t end up over consuming and feeling and weighed down.

Why You Need To Plan When You're Blogging and Working from Home.



Where do you begin when it comes to planning? The FIRST STEP is knowing you’re WHAT.

What are your Priorities? What’s important to you right now? A great way of doing this is to list your top 5 priorities in your life:

  • Your Family.

  • Your Faith.

  • Your Health.

  • Your Business.

  • your Blog.

Knowing your priorities is going to help you to keep your focus. As well as your direction on what you need to tackle first, and what you may be able to put aside for another day.

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Now you know your WHAT. The SECOND STEP is your WHEN.

This is when you need to get yourself a paper or digital planner. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as it works for you. Everybody plans differently. The way one person may plan may not work for you, so you need to seek out that planning method which works best for you.

I’m a paper and pen girl, I still use a digital planner for when I’m on the go.  But I always go back to my paper planner to do all my main planning.

Once you’ve chosen your planner, this is where we begin scheduling:

  • First, start incorporating any of your fixed commitments into your planner, e.g. school runs, work, appointment’s, etc.

  • By doing this, you can now easily see when you have time to slot in some of your to-do’s. Begin adding your to-do’s for the week, keeping your top 5 priorities in mind.

  • Make sure that each week you’re making exclusive time for what’s most important to you.

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During my planning extravaganza, I began to realize. If I wanted that “I’m on top of everything feeling”, scribbling the occasional to-do list just wasn’t cutting it. This is when I discovered how successful productive moms really got things done. Before tackling any tasks on their to-do list, they followed 2 simple steps. These 2 steps are the foundations to making your to-do list work around you and you’re family life. To take get your to-do list working for you, you won’t want to miss How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed By Your To Do List. The 2 awesome tips from this article are going to completely change how you plan for the better!


Planning doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. You can make planning as quick and simple as you need.

My favorite free digital apps for planning:

  • Google calendar, 

  • Trello,

  • Evernote. 

You can pick up an inexpensive planner from any stationary store, and customize it to suit you. Check out:

  • Diana at The Chic Life for inspiration for customizing your planner with washi, stickers and stamps.
  •  Jessica at My Planner Envy for some truly amazing FREE printables for your planner.



  1. Find Your top 5 WHAT’S?

  2. Choose a Planner, either paper, digital or both.

  3. Schedule in your WHEN – making sure you keep you top 5 WHAT’S in mind, and beginning planning around your fixed commitments.

Planning creates a fantastic foundation to help you stop being overwhelmed by all your to-do’s. If you’re currently blogging with 101 other commitments and to-do’s your trying to juggle around your time. Be sure to check out The Best Way To Make The Most Of Limited Blogging Time. Discover the best way you can quickly make a mini task plan for your weekly blogging to do’s, with just only 30 minutes of planning a week!

Planning is going to help you easily create the time you want for what’s important to you. Whilst giving you the key to unlocking the professional blogger in you!

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8 thoughts on “The Best Way To Easily Start Planning All Your To-Do’s

  • I love this. I completely felt like you were gazing into my life as I read the first statements. I am definitely going to start easing into the planning. So much that I have to do daily. E-mail checks. Blog feed checks. Facebook posts. Instagram posts. Instagram feed checks/research. Combined with actually blogging. Any suggestions on how to cut down on the daily ruckus without losing your audience interaction with late responses/interaction?

    • Thank you so much Brittany 🙂
      You’re not alone when it come to those 6am starts, lol.
      One thing you could try is have a theme for certain days. For me Tues and Fri are always a good day to do my commenting. People are a lot more laid back than we think, and your audience is more than likely in a similar boat as you. We all know how life can just happen at any moment. So as long as you interact within that week, a lot of reader are very understanding. But having themed days in my planner has been a huge help.
      Thanks again for taking the time to have a read, so glad you found it helpful. 🙂

    • Hiya Su
      Thank you so much, I’m glad you found it helpful. Organising is definitely not easy even for a planner-lover like me 😉 But I found these 2 tips always seem to help me whenever I’ve a ton of to-do’s whizzing all over the place.

      Thanks for stopping by and having a read. 🙂

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