How To Quickly Tame Your Blogging Overload

Too Many Blogging Courses In Your inbox?

Do you currently have 101 blogging challenges on the go?

You’re working and working, plus have a blogging to-do list as long as your arm.

You’re sharing your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and the list goes on. Yet despite all your efforts and late nights, you’re still not seeing any signs of improvement.

Let me tell you I’ve felt that frustration, and at one point I’ve even felt like throwing in the towel. I had a mountain of courses in my inbox increasing by the day. And how many had I actually completed step-by-step and finished… Uhmm, 3. Yep 3, I’d opt-ed into well over 20 courses, and most of them were just sitting in my inbox having a siesta.

Blogging’s no fun if you’ve not got anyone actually reading your blog, but finding the time to focus purely on your blog alone is hard work.

I started meticulously following my favorite top bloggers *not in a stalkie way*, but I began to notice a habit they all had in common. A habit which would always get them results. This habit is crucial to all blogging niches, and is easy to get started.

Are you ready to stop feeling frustrated from your blogs slow or standstill progress? And start seeing actual growth, plus it’s all FREE!

Are you a Work from Home Mom blogger? Frustrated by too many blogging email courses in your inbox? A long list of to-do's, slow blog growth. Learn how to tame blog overload & still see results.

Taming Your Blogging Information Overload

You’re not alone when it comes to the famous blogging analysis paralysis. There’s not one blogger who can say they’ve never fallen prey to it. As much as you have this drive and passion of turning you’re blog ideas into reality. It can get overwhelming super fast, with all the things you could possibly do. Or should do to get the result you want.

To add to that. There’re so many great courses, paid and free to help you out along your blogging journey. These courses are filled with incredible valuable pieces of information, but here’s the thing, as much as you and me included want results. We can’t learn them all in one go!

Are you a Work from Home Mom blogger? Frustrated by too many blogging email courses in your inbox? A long list of to-do's, slow blog growth. Learn how to tame blog overload & still see results.

This is when the struggle begins. You’re not seeing the results you’re worked so hard for. This is when I would find myself getting overwhelm and reading every blogging *How To* going. Trying tip after tip, but still no big breakthrough.

This is your perfect moment to take a step back, and make a step-by-step plan for your blog. There’re always going to be things you want to do, to make your blog successful no matter how far you progress. Having a blogging plan is your stepping stone to crossing that stream of feeling overwhelmed and overloaded by blogging overload.

Before we get to the juicy part of this post. You want to start fresh and re-energized, so you can begin making progress in growing your blog?

Wouldn’t it feel completely amazing to grow your blog without all this frustration from information overload? To finally see your blog taking shape?

Let’s get started..

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How To Focus Your Blogging Success

  1. Let’s make this fun, by making your personal goals into challenges. Create 2 lists: Social Media Challenges (List 1) & Blogging Challenges (List 2). The first list is going to contain all your social media goals and to-do’s.  How would like to increase your presence on social media? Twitter, Instagram Pinterest. Jot them all down here. Are you looking to start or grow your email list? List anything that comes to mind, you can always change it up later.
  1. Your second list is all about your blog. What are your big plans for your blog? Is there anything you want to change or update. Write down anything blog related you want to do. Would you love to come up with your own eBook? Or redesign your blog?
  • Key Take-Away:

Think about WHAT makes you like a particular website or blog. The Look. The Feel. The Content. The Offers. Is this something you would like to reflect on your own blog?

Are you a Work from Home Mom blogger? Frustrated by too many blogging email courses in your inbox? A long list of to-do's, slow blog growth. Learn how to tame blogging overload & still see results.

How To Grow Your Blog Stress-Free

Now you have your 2 lists, let’s have a little look at the challenges you want to get done. Start prioritizing each challenge, which challenge are you going to tackle first? Give yourself a good day if you need.

  1. Prioritizing can be tough. I always want to get everything done as soon as possible in one fell swoop. But I also learnt the hard way, that’s not always the ideal way. Take your time and master each challenge at a time.

*Top Tip*

  • Think about what’s going to make the most Impact.
  • How one task may have a direct effect on the other.

Let’s say two tasks I had in my Blogging Challenge List were:

  • Re-brand my blog site.

  • Create a free opt-in eBook

I would think about what makes me want to read and sign-up to a particular website as a guide.

If a site has a confusing, unappealing look. How likely is it you’re going to hand over your email for their freebie?? Odds are their eBook’s going to be just as confusing as their site! When you think about it in that way. Re-branding your site would be your first priority before getting an eBook out.

  1. Once you’ve prioritized your list, work your way through your lists. Taking 1 challenge at a time from one or both lists. These are going to be the tasks you’ll be working through first. There’re going to get your 100% focus and time, so you can actually start seeing results. The others as hard as I know it can be, you’ll have to put them to one side just for the moment.
  • Key Take-Away

Create an Email Account just for your personal Blogging Courses and Sign-ups. This gives you a nice little spot to keep handy information you’ll need later, but don’t want to get distracted with now.

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How To Build Your Blog Successfully?

I know it’s tempting to try and get as much done as possible, so you can get your blog where you would like it to be.

Knowing where you’re going to start first, is going to be your golden ticket. Start off by:

  • Setting up your own personal challenges for either your Blog or Your Social Media Promotions.
  • Take on no more than 2 challenges at any given time. It’s actually going to be much easier and stress-free for you if you tackle bits-sized chunks at a time.
  • Don’t worry about what other bloggers are doing.  You never really know how much support, or prior knowledge they may have. Set your own personal challenges, have fun and be proud of your achievements.

Okay what about the Juicy Step 3 I’ve kept you hanging on for …

3        Just for you, here is a list of my favorite FREE Epic Blogging Courses from some Awesome Bloggers. If you’re not familiar with them, do check them out. Follow their blogs and bookmark their sites, you won’t regret it. These guys have a ton of experience and a huge amount of fantastic resources for bloggers looking to grow their blog.


***Here Are My Favorite 5 FREE Blogging Courses***

What is your top tip for taming your blogging overload? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments! 

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5 thoughts on “How To Quickly Tame Your Blogging Overload

  • Jack of all Trades, Master of none – oh my goodness, so true, unfortunately. I feel I’m all over the place, writing, promoting, doing challenges, following others,…
    Goal setting is not my strong suit, limiting myself neighter
    I just go with the flow… I know I need to get more structured. Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you Tamara, so glad you liked the post.
      You’re not alone, sometimes I try to get way too many things done in one go too, lol. I just try to remember to take my time and most importantly enjoy the ride. You’ll get there with structuring your goals Tamara. Try taking a day out from everything, just so you can plan what you want to do, how and when you’re going to do each step. And never stop limiting yourself just take one step at a time.x

  • I love this! There are so many awesome e-courses out there and I really love your idea of having a separate email for them. This would really help a lot! Sometimes I can bight off more than I can chew when it comes to learning all about building a blog. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been really enjoying your posts!

    • Thank you so much Jenn
      I really appreciate you taking the time to have a read of my post and your lovely comment. 🙂
      I’m glad you like the idea of having a separate email account, since I started mine. It has really helped my keep my information overload under control, and helped me consume only the information I need.
      You’re definitely not alone when it comes to biting off more than you can chew, I’ve been there so many times before, lol.
      I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks again for your lovely comment. X

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