How To Stop Procrastinating. Right Now!

Have you ever googled for tips and advice on How to Stop Procrastinating? There’s a lot of great information out there such as ‘start planning your goals’ – by the way Check Out How To Easily Complete Your To Do List with these Simple 5 Steps (see what I did there, a bit cheeky, I know) to a number of tried and tested tips and techniques. Great right? Actually not so much, you see the issue with a lot of these guides is they’re missing out what I now know is a key element to getting your mind out of the procrastination zone. Once you actually get to grips with this technique, you’ll see how much harder it will be for you too procrastinate!

Learning this amazing key element was like a light bulb moment for me, it literally took me from being the procrastination junkie to “I’m On Point Today!”  I’m so stoked to have discovered this life changing technique and super excited to be sharing this with you guys today. So simple but yet so unrated, I want you to have the same amazing light bulb moment I had too!

How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now!

We’ve all procrastinated at some point in our lives, leaving things right until the last minute, finding yourself scanning through your Facebook threads, checking emails, looking on Twitter (can you see a pattern emerging there? SOCIAL MEDIA!)

When it comes to procrastinating there use to be a time where I could honestly say I perfected the art down to a tee. Now I know that sounds really strange coming from me right, but it’s true, I use to procrastinate in the most awesome ways (I’m not kidding!). And I started to notice the more I took on in my life, the more I procrastinated. Is this ringing some truth with you too? You have loads of bits and pieces to do and some of them NOT the most exciting things in the world, so you do anything possible to delay having to crack on. You try and justify your procrastination to make myself feel better, but the truth is you only end up feeling worse. I was beginning to fall into this habit way too much and knew if I didn’t make a drastic change ASAP,  this destructive habit was definitely going to have a negative impact on all aspects of my life. You see procrastination can turn into a habit which will eventually stop you living your life, stop you achieving your dreams!

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The problem is it’s way too easy  to procrastinate, I remember when I was younger owning a mobile phone was a huge deal, and our family computer had the infamous dial up tone which would take ages to connect simply for you to check an email! Today you can simply pick up your phone to have a look at your emails, check out what’s going on around the world, have a chat with your friends at the drop of a hat and much more.. Honestly things have evolved so much to the point where distractions are more readily available and procrastination is making a huge comeback.

How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now!


What’s The Magical Secret?

So what’s this key element no one tells you about? What’s this simple, yet under-rated step to stop your procrastination?  Well I’m going to be a little naughty and keep you hanging on for just one little second, only because I want to you to really experience that light bulb moment. First I want you to imagine If you asked any successful athlete “Do you ever have moments when you’re so not in the mood or can’t be bothered to do your training?” What do you think they would say?

One of my favorite motivational quotes of all time is from one of greatest heavyweights in the history of boxing – Muhammad Ali:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.Muhammad Ali

Of course everybody has moments when you really don’t have your head in the game, so what is it they do differently to keep them going? How do they manage to not allow themselves to procrastinate and get on with the task at hand? It all comes back to understanding that essential element I mentioned, which is simply Learning To Love The Process. It wasn’t until I really understood the importance of learning to love the process I started to noticed how my whole way of working and planning changed, and when you learn this technique you’ll instantly see you too will start to procrastinate less.




I know what you’re thinking?

How on earth am I going to learn how to love something that I don’t even want to do it??

Well I’m going to show you how,  in the most simple and impactful way. You see I know what it feels like when you’ve so much to do, when you’ve important tasks you really need to get done but you simply just don’t have the drive, you’re heads not in the game. When the task at hand is super boring and you can’t really be bothered. I’ve been there, and the truth is sometimes I still end up in that zone now and again. But this awesome technique I’ve learnt gets me out of that zone by allowing me to love the process and not give procrastination a chance. Procrastination is a negative cycle, you feel so guilty and awful you didn’t complete what you planned, which makes you feel even less motivated and you start having self-doubt which seeps into your future tasks. I don’t want you to feel this anymore, so let’s get you out of this procrastination cycle.

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I’m going to share with you this awesome technique of Loving The Process through my simple 5 Step mini Course. These 5 small steps will easily show you how to naturally incorporate this key element into your everyday life. Whether it’s for your Home tasks or Personal Business. You’re going to learn how ‘Loving The Process’ is going to have a huge impact in how you actively take on and plan all your personal to do’s, tasks goals you name it!. Each step takes no more than 30 – 35 minutes each, some even less. Seriously the longest step will take you 35 mins!

I’ve designed this mini course to give you the most impact in a simple and short space of time, because I know the last thing you need right now is a lengthy How To.. You want techniques which work and you can use in your everyday life, and this is what I’ve incorporated into this course. So what have you got to lose? Take my 7 DAY ME, MYSELF AND PROCRASTINATION CHALLENGE and Stop Procrastinating Today! You’ll have FREE exclusive access to my mini-course plus my awesome How To Stop Procrastinating Now! Cheat-Sheet.


What are you waiting for? Start Today!

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9 thoughts on “How To Stop Procrastinating. Right Now!

  • I like this post, and Ali’s quote. I think that part of it is also about making sure you’re doing something that you know will pay off in the end. Like if you’re consistently procrastinating on your job or the business you’re trying to start, I think that’s a sign it might not be the right thing for you, and you need to make a change. I think we all procrastinate on some things, but if you’re so stuck for motivation day in and day out, that’s not a good way to live life.

    • Thank you Natasha.
      I totally agree with you. If your heart truly isn’t into what you’re doing, or planning. You’ll only get so far, as you never really had enough fuel to kick start your journey from the beginning. Thanks so much for having a read, glad you liked. x

  • I think this is something everyone struggles with. I know for me, just focusing on one thing at a time is key and helps me be more productive in the long run. If I have a million things I’m trying to do at once, I tend to keep putting them off.

    • Hiya Amy
      Thank you so much, how have you been getting on with the tips in the cheatsheet (sorry hun for the delayed reply, your comment wasn’t showing up on my feed)? Once I learnt this technique it made such a huge change in redirecting my focus, especially when faced with a super dull task, lol. Let me know how you got on, thanks again for checking out my post.

    • Thanks so much Candice.
      I’m so glad you found this helpful, do let know how you get on with the steps in the cheatsheet. Thanks again .

  • Such a great topic. It is a real problem for all of us. I think in some ways it comes down to confidence in what we are doing. When we have something that we are crazy passionate about and believe in with every ounce of our being, we have no problem.

    • Thank you Renee
      Exactly what I discovered, finding the passion/ learning to love the process truly helps to redirect your focus. Great for when you love what you’re doing, not so great if it’s a task you find to be dull this can be quite challenging. There are little tricks to help you do this which you can find in my cheatsheet, I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for checking out my post

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