5 Fantastic & Easy DIY Spring Crafts

5 Fantastic & Easy Spring DIY Crafts You Will Love

When it comes to Easter I can literally spend hours (I’m not kidding,, hours!) browsing the stores ohhhhing all the pretty spring inspired, ornaments, crafts and Easter baskets, I’m literally like “ a magpie for glitter”. But once I look at some of the price tags,,, well let’s say I elegantly place it back down. […]

Olive Oil is Amazing for Deep Conditioning All Hair Types.

How to Build a Healthy Hair Regimen? [part II]

When I began my Healthy Hair Journey I really was excited, and wanted to see instant results. I went out and purchased nearly every product which had a good review, or the user had incredible healthy hair themselves. Many people follow the same steps I did when beginning their own personal hair journey. However, this […]

Good Healthy Hair

How to Build a Healthy Hair Regimen? [part I]

In my previous haircare post I talked about what constitutes as Good Hair? Once you’ve established your own personal definition of “Good Hair”  you may decide to develop your own personal Healthy Hair Regimen. STEP 1: Setting a Specific Goal When building a Hair Regimen you want to establish what you want to ACHIEVE; Increase […]

DIY Natural Hair Detangler

Homemade Herbal Hair Detanglers

Detangling hair can be a major hassle for many people, especially if your hair is naturally thick  like mine or very curly. This is an issue I’ve encountered on many a wash days; I’ve tried numerous detanglers but never quite found one which detangles whilst softening the hair. l came upon herbal tea rinses during […]

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