Protective Hairstyle

How To Stop Procrastinating in your Blog Right Now!

How To Stop Procrastinating. Right Now!

Have you ever googled for tips and advice on How to Stop Procrastinating? There’s a lot of great information out there such as ‘start planning your goals’ – by the way Check Out How To Easily Complete Your To Do List with these Simple 5 Steps (see what I did there, a bit cheeky, I […]

My Senegalese Twists. Copyright: Allurin'

My New Protective Hairstyle

Hiya lovelies, so as I’m writing this I am currently 39 weeks pregnant 🙂 I’ve been looking for a low maintenance protective hair style I could keep for 2-3 weeks, and I was instantly drawn to Senegalese Twists after seeing them on Angela Bassett on American Horror Story Coven. I had never done any form […]

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