How To Easily Complete Your To Do List, 5 Insanely Simple Steps

Are you feeling the need to be more organized & productive?

Changing the way I managed my To Do List is the greatest secret I discovered to getting more done each day. With simply 15 minutes of easy planning and it’s really quick to do. Download this Free Daily To Do List Printable and keep reading so you too can also discover how you can Master your to do list in ONLY 15 minutes each day. Start making the most of your time and having a more productive day. 

Easily Complete your To Do List

Before I began organizing my daily To Do’s. I use to spend far too many nights awake going through all the tasks I needed or wanted to complete the following day, my odd jobs, what I needed to complete at home, kids, my work, family commitments and everything else in between. In the end this resulted in me being exhausted before the day had begun, and overwhelmed with all the tasks bubbling away in my head.

This lead me thinking, there had to be a better way to get all my jobs completed without feeling beaten before the day had begun.

Well There Is!



Planning Your To Do List

Planning a To Do List which works with you and your lifestyle literally only takes 2 simple steps.

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  • Producing a simple list of all your tasks the night before.

    This is going to get all those thoughts and ideas bubbling away in your head on paper where they belong. This way you’ll get your much-needed rest and tackle all your tasks more efficiently the following day.

  • The second step is getting your list to work from you not you working for your list.

    By simply prioritizing each individual task, you’re instantly going to make it easier to see which tasks need to be completed first and which ones you’ll have room for flexibility, if you do find yourself running short on time (because life happens!). So it’s important to be realistic and also allow room for any necessary changes.


Organizing Your To Do List

Organizing your To Do’s within simple priority levels, is fantastic for maintain focus on the important tasks and allows for easy flexibility if you need to make adjustments throughout the day. Keeping your priorities to a 3 level tier system is the easiest way to manage your list:

  • High/A – Important Tasks to complete today the earlier the better,

  • Medium/B,

  • Low/C.

Completing the tougher tasks first usually turns out to be not as hard as you imagined.


Flexibility Is Your Secret Weapon

Importantly know that your priorities may change, and at a moments notice. Here’s the key, be flexible and adaptable. This may involve cutting or reshuffling your list, don’t see this as a setback but a step-up in the right direction.

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To save you even more time download my FREE Daily To Do List Printable, this simple planner has been a life-saver for me, and I thought it might come in handy for you as well!

Daily To Do List Template

Downlaod Here

 How to Complete your To Do List in 5 Easy, Simple steps


Plan Your To Do List – 5 Insanely Simple Steps

Show Your To Do List Who’s Boss with Simply 15 Minutes Planning daily, give it a go and at the end of the week you’ll see a huge difference in the amount you can get completed everyday. Remember flexibility is your secret weapon, be realistic on what you can manage daily and possible changes within your plan. Doing the laundry isn’t going to eat into most of your time, but maybe constructing a work related email or completing the food shop will take a little bit longer.:

  • Firstly, start by writing up your To Do’s or download my Free To Do List Planner.

  • Tonight before you go to bed spend 5 mins max, and brain dump all the tasks you want to get done tomorrow in the Master List section.

  • Assign each task a priority level.

  • Spend the next 5 minutes allocating each task into the Morning, Afternoon or Evening List. If you want you can also add estimated time slots in brackets next to each task. But the key to making this list work for you is to keep it Simple and Adaptable, because your priorities can change at the drop of a hat.

  • At the end of each day, use the Notes section to reflect on your daily tasks, what made your day easier and what possible changes you could implement?

All this done in 15 minutes, Unbelievable! I know But It Really Works!

Grab your Free Daily To Do List Planner today and get ready to have a more successful tomorrow..

Good Luck!

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21 thoughts on “How To Easily Complete Your To Do List, 5 Insanely Simple Steps

  • So simple! I start my day by writing out my to-do list as soon as I get to my office. Maybe it would be more efficient if I did it the night before? That way I wouldn’t forget anything! I can’t live without my list though!
    P.S. I love your blog! It’s adorable!

    • Thanks Brianna

      I use to do my list in exactly the same. Then I found writing my to do list the night before really helped to kick start my mornings, with less of me rushing around trying to make sure I wrote everything down I wanted to get done, lol.
      I’ve recently just redesigned & relaunched, super thrilled you like the finished look, thanks again for popping by. xx

    • Thank you, I really appreciate you checking out my post. Great Linky by the way. I’ve been looking for an Organizing Link-up for sometime, glad I’m not the only one with an obsession with lists and planners. 😉

    • Thank you Kelly.
      You’re so right there. Writing lists can become discouraging if you give yourself too much to do, smaller easy steps is the best way to go 😉
      Thanks for checking out my post, much appreciated 🙂 xx

  • This is a brilliant idea! I love writing lists so I’d probably quite enjoy writing tomorrows to do list on a night. I’ll download this list now. Thank you 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much Helen 🙂
      I’m so glad you found it a great organizing tool. Do let me know how you get on.
      Thanks again for checking out my post, it’s much appreciated. 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much Ivanna, I practically use to do lists for everything, don’t know where I would be without them, lol.
      Thanks again for checking out my post. x

  • I’m in! I have played with some of these ideas, but never put them together. My work life is pretty busy right now as a blogger and life coach and it is time for me to get more organized. I especially like assigning things to a section of the day as my pattern is to try and power through and I realize I get burned out that way. Thanks for these guidelines. I’m going to try them out, starting now!

    • Glad to hear you’re on board Linda, looking forward to hearing how you get on. I’ve got loads more awesome quick planning tips and strategies coming up soon for busy lovelies like yourself. I’m super excited, it’s perfect if your lifestyle is super busy to the max. If you need any extra tips or strategies specific to your lifestyle Linda, feel free to send me an email always glad to help.

    • That’s fantastic Katie, whatever works well for you is so key to having an effective to do list. Thanks for popping by hun

    • Thanks Sara
      You’re not alone, I’m super lost without my to do list. Once I get everything down before bed, it simply clears my mind so I can actually sleep instead of constantly having my mind buzzing away, lol. Do let me know how you get on with any of the tips, thanks for checking out my post . x

    • Thank you Kiara. So true, flexibility and simply being realistic with what you can manage makes such a huge difference. When you figure out what planning style works best for you around your personal life, work or business it then starts become so much easier. Do let me know how you get on with any of the tips Kiara, thanks for checking out my post.

    • Hi Neely, ahh thank you hun. I’m thrilled you found some fantastic tips to cracking your to do list. Do keep me in the loop with how you get on with the steps.x

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