How to Finally Kick Out Stress for Good! When You Work From Home

You work from home, working and working, early hours of the morning and late into the night.

But your to-do list never seems to get any shorter. As soon as you cross out one item, 3 new to-do’s appear on your list.

Did you start making a work from home to-do list to help organize your home/work balance?

Do you sometimes find yourself diverting off track due to family commitments?

I’ve been there too. I’ve felt overwhelmed and frustrated by an expanding list of to-do’s, and the desire to focus on my business but still make time for my family.

But I discovered a simple secret, to make my to-do list work around my family and business. This simple method reduces stress and makes me feel more full-filled and happier. Would you like to feel more relaxed and start successfully accomplishing your to-do list?



As a work at home mom. When it came to trying to organize and plan my business around my household chores and family life. I use to find it a real struggle at times. Juggling one task to the next, and sometimes not even making any head way. I found myself getting stressed, frustrated and exhausted.

So I decided to embraced the awesome powers of a to-do list. Initially it was a life-saver, but we all know how being a mom also means unexpected detours within your day. Soon I found myself knowing exactly what I needed to do, but not being able to complete it.

This left me feeling stressed by the end of the day and absolutely deflated. Is this sounding familiar with you? If so let me tell you’re not allow. Trying to be productive is not easy. But it is possible to have a to-do list which takes all your unexpected mom detours into consideration. Which stops you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your list of business and home to do’s.

Without detailed planning, dreams never become anything more than fantasy wishes…and fantasy wishing alone is just throwing a penny into a fountain.Shawn Anderson

Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Remember how the Big Bad Wolf had an amazing master plan for a free lunch? After spying on the little red riding hood, he hatches up what has to be said is an awesome plan for an easy quick meal. He first does some *innocent* snooping. Rushes off to grandma’s before red riding hood. Once grandma is out of the picture he dresses up like her and patiently waits for his master plan to come together. Unlucky for him. What seemed like a full-proof idea didn’t quite go according to plan, and he’s caught & chased out by the local wood-cutter.

What does this have to do with anything? You and myself included can be a bit like the Big Bad Wolf when it comes to planning. We’ve tons of awesome idea’s and plans, that we can innocently get caught up in them. Forgetting about the possible unexpected detours which can take us off track.

The Big Bad Wolf missed out this step from his to-do list, and it completely derailed what was actually quite an awesome plan. So what did he miss? He didn’t make a Detailed Enough Plan for his main goal.

Little Red Riding Hood

“Oh grandmother what big eyes you have?”

“The better to see you with my dear” – Mr Wolf

“Oh grandmother what big ears you have?”

“The better to hear you with my dear” – Mr Wolf

Seriously, he had great answers for each question. He knew exactly what to say, and exactly what needed to be done. But he didn’t make his plan detailed enough to deal with the possible detours. So when the wood-cutter turned up. He really didn’t know what to do and unfortunate for him his story doesn’t end very well

There’s no magical secret, I’m sorry. But they’re 4 Simple Stages to help you stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed. By all your tasks and goals on your to-do list. These Key 4 Stages work hand-in-hand with moms who want to be more productive. As it takes into account all the dynamics of being a busy work from home mom.

work from home productivity to-do list




The 1st STAGE to making a stress-free To-Do List which works for you, is what I like to call “SMART TO DO LIST’S”.  You can start making SMART TO DO LIST’s right now with only 2 simple steps:

SMART TO-DO LIST’S STEP 1 – The Art of Saying No.

Click HERE to read How to Stop being Overwhelmed by your To Do List, to discover:

  • The Benefits of Saying ‘No’ when making your To-Do List.

  • A step-by-step guide to making SMART TO-DO LISTS.

  • How to say no without that feeling of guilt or missed opportunity, and examples to show you how.

  • You can also download my handy FREE Workbook. The Art of Saying No. I’ll walk you through the initial steps of getting things done on your To-Do List.

    Go check it out now by clicking HERE!


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You can’t always see what might occur to throw your plans of track. Take the Big Bad Wolf for example. He had no way of knowing the woodcutter would be close-by at the very moment to intervene.

But maybe, if he done some scoping around the woods prior. The final outcome may have been completely different. If he considered:

  • What if one of grandma’s pals come to visit whilst I’m here?
  • What if grandma’s younger, stronger fella interrupts me?

You get the idea. As he didn’t make a more detailed plan, his epic idea completely crumbled in the end.

Whenever you’ve taken your kids out on a long haul drive, what do you do before setting off? Have you taken every possible thing you can fit into the car? Food, snacks, spare clothes, nappies for little ones, wipes, more food, toys. Did I mention toys and the list goes on. You probably aren’t going to need nearly half of all that stuff, but how does having them with you make you feel? Calm and less stressed. Why? Because you know you’re ready to handle almost every possible situation that can come your way. If you can do this, you can easily make a detailed plan for high-priority tasks on your to-do list in a flash.

Having a short detailed plan. Whenever you’re scheduling any of your high-priority tasks on your to-do list. Doesn’t mean, you need to know every single scenario which can possibly happen. But having a detailed plan in place for – ‘How you can still get those tasks done’. Just in case you find you’re unable to complete them at that moment. Is going to stop you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed when things don’t go to plan, because you’ll know exactly what to do next!

work from home productivity to-do list


Okay, you may be thinking “How on earth am I going to plan for the unexpected?”

The trick is keep it simple! It’s crucial that you don’t focus too much on the obstacles stopping your task. What you want to consider is how and when you’re going to get yourself back on track. So consider possible alternatives for your obstacles like:

  • Running out of time.
  • Family commitments, are you a mom with 2 or 3 young kids? – “What if they need me whilst I’m working, when’s another good time to reschedule this task?” 
  • Technical Issues, because it happens *and always at the best times!*

You won’t need a detailed plan for each task on your to-do list. Detailed Plans are awesome tools for your high priority tasks. Doing the laundry in the mornings, may not be a high priority task for you. As you know you may be able to easily get it down in the afternoon. But drafting emails to your clients and customers, would be classed as a high priority task. So creating a short *to-the-point* detailed plan would be ideal for this task.


  1. Know when to say “No”, with this handy Workbook The Art Of Saying No. Let me walk you through creating your own SMART TO DO LIST’S. Which will take into consideration your commitments. So you can stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your mountain of to do’s, and start making a to do list’ which works for you!
  2. Have a short DETAILED PLAN for your high priority tasks. To help you get into the flow of making detailed plans, I’ve cover the 3 simple steps I use to creating Short Detailed Plans. For all my high priority tasks, in only 5 minutes!  In my FREE HANDY WORKBOOK you can print out via the button below!

work from home productivity to-do list

Inside this workbook you’ll find a 3 step simple process to making a to-do which will start working with you! Letting you get more done and feeling more relaxed!

  • How You Can Easily Assign Priorities To Your Tasks.

  • 3 Simple Steps To Creating A Stress-Free Mini Detailed Plan In Only 5 Minutes!



I know. It may seem like extra work making a more detailed plan for your high priority tasks and goals on your to-do list.

But the secret to getting it done is this:

Start small, take 10 minutes and make three columns:

  • Weekly To-Do’s and Prioritize (Column 1)

  • List of Available People (Column 2)

     and Gadgets (Column 3) which you can use to help you get your tasks done.

  • Work through my 2 Workbooks:

    – The Art of Saying No &

    – Creating a Stress-Free To-Do List.

    Each workbook will take you no longer than 20 minutes, tops to complete!

If you’ve missed the first post of my Simplified Productivity 101 series. Check it out HERE. I cover in depth The Art of Saying No and this is crucial to making a to do list which is going to work for us busy moms.

The First Stage of getting rid of the stress, and feeling of being overwhelmed by all your to do’s… Saying “NO” more often. It may feel odd at first, but you’ll be surprised by how much more in control and organized you’ll feel.

Second, create a short detailed plan for your high-priority tasks. DOWNLOAD your FREE SIMPLIFIED PRODUCTIVITY WORKBOOKS via the button below! Before you know it, no matter what direction your day goes, your to-do list will go with you.

work from home productivity to-do list

Make Time for Your List and Your List Will Make Time for You. Soon you’ll start feeling more relaxed and ready to take on anything!



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